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Your Shield Against Cyber Threats

At DotCyber, our aim is to deliver the utmost level of security and to keep our client’s system free from malware and threats. We pride ourselves on being a partner of trust and innovation, protecting the digital landscape of the new world.  

  We fully understand that your company’s security is not a mere checkbox to tick off from an endless list of tasks, it is your lifeline. Thus, we not only offer you peace of mind, we also offer the power to face cyber threats head-on and emerge both victorious and stronger. Join us on our journey of securing your digital future.

Book a Free Cybersecurity Consultation Session

Protect your business from cyber threats with DotCyber’s expert consultancy. Schedule a free 1-hour consultation with our team of cybersecurity professionals and gain valuable insights on how to safeguard your business against potential attacks.

Our Services



At DotCyber, our SOCaaS, also known as a managed SOC service, is the armored core of our cybersecurity services. In the modern digital landscape, threats to your company’s systems and data are persistent, making the need for constant monitoring and threat detection critical. 

Managed Detection and Response


MDR is an indispensable component for organizations looking to maintain vigorous and resilient security. This service features crucial factors when it comes to dealing with managing the detection and response to threats in endpoint systems.

Penetration Testing

Pen Testing 

Cyber threats can be unpredictable; they come in many types and forms and often exploit vulnerabilities that are still not known by the organization’s IT department. That’s where DotCyber’s penetration testing services come into play. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) 

At DotCyber, we recognize how important and crucial it is to stay ahead of cyber attacks and threats. For this reason, we utilize our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services that are designed to provide dynamic insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape.


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