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  At DotCyber, our SOCaaS, also known as a managed SOC service, is the armored core of our cybersecurity services. In the modern digital landscape, threats to your company’s systems and data are persistent, making the need for constant monitoring and threat detection critical.  Further, this crucial service provides a comprehensive collection of features designed to protect your digital assets: 

Continuous Monitoring:

Our team actively and constantly monitors your digital environment 24 hours a week, 365 days a year. This tenacious vigilance ensures that even the most subtle and advanced threats are detected instantly.

Antivirus and Antimalware Administration

We actively manage and update your endpoint protection systems to ensure they are equipped with the latest threat signatures. Thus, providing a strong defense against a wide range of malicious software and threats. Further, continuous monitoring of antivirus and anti-malware alerts allows us to respond immediately to any potential threats, preventing malware from creating a base in your digital environment. 

Real-Time Threat Detection

SOCaaS employs advanced tools and technologies to continuously monitor your systems and network traffic. This approach allows us to identify potential security threats and issues as they emerge, often before they can manifest into critical incidents and events.

Dark Web Monitoring

In this feature, we actively scan the deep and hidden corners of the internet for any compromised credentials, sensitive data, or malicious discussions related to your organization. By monitoring the dark web, we can identify potential security threats such as leaked passwords or planned cyberattacks. This early warning system enables us to take swift action to protect your organization before threats emerge.

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