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Cyber Threat Intelligence

At DotCyber, we recognize how important and crucial it is to stay ahead of cyber attacks and threats. For this reason, we utilize our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services that are designed to provide dynamic insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape. Therefore, CTI enriches our overall cybersecurity services and contributions, ensuring a knowledgeable, careful, and strategic defense approach.

Threat Monitoring

Our team of professionals actively monitors regional, and even global, cyber threats. This helps with gathering information and intelligence on emerging attack vectors, tactics, strategies, and vulnerabilities used by threat actors. Thus, this information is utilized to strengthen and secure your defenses before any form of potential threats reaches your organization. 

Strategic Threat Assessment:

At DotCyber, we provide calculated threat assessments that are specifically tailored to your organization’s infrastructure, industry, geographic location, and threat landscape. Further, these assessments ensure you maintain your level of confidence by helping you understand the threats that are most relevant to your business. 

Integration with SOC and MDR:

The insights gathered through CTI seamlessly integrate with our SOC and MDR services, enhancing the capabilities of both. Therefore, this integration ensures that our security measures are not only reactive, but also strategically aligned to preemptively address arising threats.


In DotCyber’s CTI services, the identification and analysis of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) are included. This, therefore, allows our team to detect any signs of potential security logs and incidents at its initial stages, preventing all sorts of malicious activities before they escalate to something dangerous. 

Tactical Intelligence

Our tactical intelligence feature provides detailed information on specific threats, threat actors, and their methods. Thus, this enables us to deliver specific security measures – that are relevant to your organization – to address the specific challenges and difficulties your organization may potentially face. 

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